Jiji is one of the largest marketplaces for classifieds in Nigeria and the whole of Africa, the Number One Free Online marketplace in Uganda.

You can use Jiji to buy & sell online everything and anything. The biggest choice you to sell to people or customers near your area. Since it’s online, it’s super-fast transactions and people shopping online tend to have more interest in the products or services they are looking for than anywhere else.

Jiji now owns OLX, the OLX Group operates one of the fastest-growing networks of trading platforms for buying, selling, and exchanging products and services…

Being an Entrepreneur does not mean renting office space or shop.

Most people would love to own a business, but it’s easier said than done.

You may already have a great business idea, maybe you already have a team too, and who knows maybe the timing for your great idea is perfect.

You might think you have cleared everything, well, I think there is still one more thing missing from the checklist and that is all the legal requirements involved in starting a business.

This easy-to-follow guide is intended to help you legally start your business. I will assume that…

Discover the Top 6 Courses Every Creative Should Check Out.

If you ever wanted to get into Graphic Design but didn’t have an idea where to start, today, I will show you the courses you need to get your Graphic designer Career launched or boosted with new skills.

Below, you will discover the Best 6 graphic designer courses you need to succeed.

1. Color for Design and Art

Your instructor is Jim Krause, a designer, photographer, and illustrator. He is also the author of 17 books, including Color for Designers and Color Index, part of his famed Index series of design books.

In this course, learn…

I used to hear about online learning before Zoom, Google Classroom, or Skype were a thing.

I had a friend at the University learning from MIT Open Courseware online back in 2013, by then I didn’t even know about PluralSight, or Lynda.com now known as LinkedIn Learning.

Distance learning, also known as e-learning, and online learning, involves the use of technologies to facilitate communication between the students and teachers.

It is a form of education that includes a physical separation between the teachers and students during instruction.

One of the first online education platforms I was ever introduced to was…

The Fastest and easiest way to make more sales for your physical store is to register with Jumia and list your products for sale on the Jumia marketplace.

Have you ever asked yourself where Jumia gets more than 50,000 products they sell on their website? Well, they actually source them from the brand owners themselves. But do you know where else?

That’s right, from the individual sellers like you or your Boss that owns a physical store in your local area.

The Best part of it all is that it’s actually free to register your online store on Jumia and…

Did you know that Jumia has an Affiliate marketing program?

Just like the Amazon associates program where you can just link to product pages and when people buy through your affiliate links you get rewarded a commission depending on your category.

Today, You will learn how to use Jumia Kol (Jumia Affiliate marketing program) to create affiliate custom links to share on your social media and make money online with Jumia. Affiliate marketing knowledge is good to have to participate in this program. …

Wix gives you the freedom to create a website with full control. Plus customization is very easy, especially if you can move the mouse, drag and drop, and click. The drag-and-drop features allow you to add anything to your websites like documents, images, or videos and customize your site with no coding skills needed.

If you know how to move and click the mouse, all you need to do to create your beautiful free website is choose from hundreds (over 500 designer-made collections of professional-looking templates) and customize it by adding your information and content.

Wix pricing plans are monthly…

Fiverr is an online leading freelance marketplace for digital services that is changing how the world works.

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for digital services

Over 5.5M people use Fiverr to start & grow their business. Millions of people from around the world (over 160 countries) come to Fiverr to find the talent and the services they need to help build or grow their business, their brands and fulfill their dreams. …

Ever asked yourself how much it really costs to start your online venture?

This is for you if you have been looking for the cheapest option to launch your online business or eCommerce store.

We are going to talk about Wix, you should know Wix by now. It’s a *Free website builder that gives you the freedom to design your website however you want it by using their powerful drag and drop editor. …

The Brave browser saves you time by blocking out trackers and ads, allowing you to focus & do more.

Ads are everywhere, they follow you from site to site, you can’t escape them.

Way over 1000 cookies is what an average person downloads every day.

Do you know what that does to you? When you download a cookie from a website, you will start receiving ads from this website until you clear them.

Let's say you visited my website and I use cookies, personalized user data is collected to help in re-targeting or sending customized advertising. Here is what the cookies collect;

  • Which websites you visit
  • What products you checkout
  • Your purchase habits
  • A lot more

Brave is on…

Mugabi Imran

Google Certified Digital Marketer | Copy writing Student, eCommerce Agency owner | Jumia Sales Consultant

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